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Marianna, FL, 32448

Our Story


We believe in making ice cream that showcases the milk from our farm, and in creating simple, interesting flavors to be enjoyed with those you love. 

As a family, our fondest memories and strongest bonds were formed while sharing great food. Food that was created with such care that you could taste the difference. Experiences were created and conversations spurred over thoughtful dishes. 

We are lucky to have grown up in the South where great food is common and ingredients are abundant. Food is different here. Preparing one meal can take hours. Simple ingredients are transformed into something amazing. Cooking is executed with love and meals are still enjoyed together. Flavors are layered and compiled to create something just as deep and complex as our relationships. People come together to create and share food. Meals are much more about experiences than just sustenance.

We love everything about the experience of sharing great food, so we began creating our handcrafted ice cream to share with you. Please enjoy our ice cream with friends and family. It is our hope that, in some small way, our ice cream will help create moments with those you love. We hope that you can taste the time and care that goes into every scoop of our ice cream. Please enjoy!



The Ice Cream


After attending ice cream school (yes, they do exist) at the University of Wisconsin and Penn State, we were ready to begin crafting our ice cream. Demanding that our recipes not be overly sweetened and our milk stay non-homogenized made our work a little difficult. There were several ice cream variations that were good (it is still ice cream after all…it can’t ever be that bad), but they weren’t exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a specific taste and texture and we weren’t willing to settle for anything else. After several months, we finally developed a recipe we knew we could start working with.  From there, we started working on flavors. 

We wanted to create flavors, not add them. Our goal is to create simple, interesting flavors that don’t overpower the rest of the ingredients. We want the ingredients we add to compliment the dairy components rather than mask them. After putting so many tireless hours into caring for our cows to help create delicious milk, we definitely don’t want to cover it up. 

As we worked, we went to other local farmers/producers and began gathering as many of the best quality, local ingredients as we could.  After developing the taste and texture we wanted, creating flavors, and finding the ingredients we needed, our ice cream was finally ready to share with you.