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Marianna, FL, 32448



We believe in working hard to keep our ice cream simple. We believe ice cream should be made up of ingredients found in our own kitchen. Our milk is not homogenized, so we have to put in a little extra time and effort to keep our ingredient list short. In the end, we think it’s well worth it. 



Signature Flavors


Sweet Cream
Our delicious milk highlighted with the perfect amount of pure cane sugar

Salty Caramel
Handcrafted caramel develops new, unique complexities when we add a little more salt and vanilla

Sweet cream enveloped in velvety Madagascar Bourbon vanilla

Milk Chocolate
The best chocolate milk we’ve ever tasted, churned into ice cream(chocolate: French Broad Chocolates)

Roasted Banana with Salted Peanuts
Salted peanuts and rich cream compliment sweet bananas roasted in butter and brown sugar

Salted Dark Chocolate
The perfect pairing of sweet and salty folded into rich, dark chocolate (chocolate: French Broad Chocolates)

Locally roasted beans from steeped in sweet cream (Coffee: Amavida - Santa Rosa Beach, FL) 

Tupelo Honey
Sweet, buttery and complex flavor showcases one of our most adored local ingredients ( Tupelo Honey: Longbeard Hives - Calhoun County, FL)

Bay Laurel
The delicious pairing of bay laurel leaves and milk gives this ice cream its light, floral taste

Coconut Cream
Coconut steeped in our milk develops a rich, creamy base in which we toss in pieces of toasted coconut

We transform our milk into tangy, creamy buttermilk before making it into sweet ice cream with the perfect bite on the finish

Candied Bacon
All the salty goodness of bacon swirled into our ice cream - just the right amount of sweet and salty goodness for bacon lovers

Sweet, plump strawberries from mixed in with our sweet cream ice cream (Strawberries: Ferris Farms - Floral City, FL)

Wildflower Honey
the light floral notes of our local wildflower honey add an unmistakable sweet, refreshing twist (Wildflower Honey: Smiley Farms - Graceville, FL)




SEASONAL / Limited edition Flavors

These guys are only around for a limited time. We like to play with ingredients and try different flavor combinations to keep things interesting here. If you miss them, you might have to wait until next year.

                            Key Lime                                 a tart refreshing taste, just like a key lime pie, but in ice cream form. 

Vanilla & Satsuma Jam
jam made with local satsumas from Jackson County swirled through our vanilla ice cream (Satsumas: Cherokee Farms)

Butter Pecan
Pecans from J.W. Renfroe Pecan Co in Pensacola, FL are warmed in butter and combined in our ice cream for creamy, rich goodness

Inspired by our Mama Elsie's perfect butterscotch pie recipe that she lovingly passed down to us....this is simple, classic flavors showcasing quality ingredients

Raspberry Basil
Raspberry compote highlighted with sweet basil dolloped into sweet cream with a little meyers lemon juice, combine for a deliciously aromatic flavor

Bourbon Butter Pecan
Local pecans make a great addition to our ice cream, especially after being soaked in bourbon and tossed in brown butter

Blackberry Buttermilk
the unique buttermilk ice cream flavor is accented with the finest blackberries

Tart whole kumquats juiced and made into a jam, swirled through our sweet cream ice cream. Kumquats grown locally in Marianna

lavender flowers steeped in our sweet cream base, to create the most refreshing floral flavor you’ve ever experienced

our take on the traditional Mexican drink, made with toasted rice and canella cinnamon steeped in our sweet cream base with a little vanilla and salt

Mango Lime Chile
Sweet mangos complimented with tart lime juice, finished off with a little bit of heat from the serrano